Who are you then?
My name is Kim Lundström, I live in Sweden.

What is this site?
This is a site where I will post photos I have taken.

What kind of photos?
Every kind I suppose, I don´t have any self-imposed restrictions.

Can we expect high quality photos?
Nah, not really, maybe. I am an amateur and my camera is the latest iPhone. However I´m planning on buying a DSLR camera sometime in the future (It´s a money thing).

So whats the point?
Well, I like to take photos and I have “decided” to become a better photographer so this will be a way for me to track the progress (if any) of my skills. Also, I like the attention.

What do you know about photography now?

Can I take your photos for personal use?
Well, sure, I guess you could do that if you want to.

Can I take your photos and use them for commercial reasons?
Sure, go right ahead. But please consider donating to me if you do.

Can I use your photos for asshole things, such as racism, bigotry and things of that nature?

What will you do with the millions of dollars you´ll be getting?
Well, first of all I would buy a good camera.
Then… maybe I´ll buy a Unicorn or some Minotaur bones. Maybe both.

Alright, enough of these questions. I got things to do.

One last thing, if you use one of my photos for… whatever, please drop me a line with a link or something.
It´s not obligated, I just wanna know, for the fun of it.
Thanks 🙂

… with PayPal

… with Swish (Sweden)
Please tell me for what with a comment